I started writing this maybe more than a year ago. I wanted to try a new update to keep in touch but fell off the idea of doing an e-mail newsletter. I think this is a good yearly public post format.


Overall, I’ve been fascinated by the ways people…

After recovering from omicron about the same exact time I finished quarantine in Taiwan, I felt like reposting what I posted on Facebook another Christmas spent alone preventing the spread of a rampaging infectious disease. Ironically, I think it’s time restrictions go down and an exit strategy needs to start…

I recently read Bad Blood since the Theranos trial is coming in full swing.

I can’t help but see Theranos as an uniquely American parable with genre-bending plotlines about hype machines, toxic workplaces, and a certain moment in Silicon Valley. It’s a story very much about us.

I lived in…

Bessie Chu

Product Manager working in privacy preserving machine learning. Taiwanese-American. Optimist in a realist’s clothing. Bit of a contrarian.

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